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Making It As A Photographer With No Connections Or Money With Frankie Marin

April 9, 2019

This week, I talk to Frankie Marin, a photographer who shoots for major brands like Kenneth Cole, Levis, and Rebecca Minkoff. We’ve actually been friends since college when he hired me to be a copy editor for our college newspaper The Daily Texan. If you’re not familiar with his work, I suggest you open up Instagram, like right now, and see for yourself how talented he is. (Frankie also very kindly took my headshot for the For Hire website.)

What a lot of people don’t know about Frankie is that he is such a fantastic example of how to make it in a competitive industry with zero connections or, you know, buckets of money from your family. He started shooting models when he was living in NYC after college, unemployed, on food stamps, and working jobs under the table to get by; and because of his talent and his ability to make genuine connections with people, he’s now at the place where major brands are pitching him. He’s also more than happy to pay it forward and help aspiring photographers wondering how to get to his skill level. On the pod, we talk about:

-How working within strict confines in the beginning of his career allowed him to be more creative and try new things

-Where he got financial and legal advice on Reddit

-How he continues to scale and grow his business while balancing commercial gigs with more creative ones

I basically just sat there and said “that’s amazing” a bunch of times, because I’m just so in awe of him and what he’s accomplished.

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